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Welcome to Documentation

Welcome to CanSat NeXT documentation page! This site includes detailed technical documentation of the CanSat NeXT hardware and software, as well as easy to approach tutorials on setting up your CanSat NeXT and using the various hardware features on the board.

If you are new here, head to Getting Started Page for information on how to start using CanSat NeXT. You may also be interested in information of making the basic antenna from the materials included with the kit. For that, head to article Communication and Antennas.

While you are here, don't forget to also check our blog, where we show projects using CanSat NeXT for purposes beyond CanSat. These are not CanSat projects, but still showcase the possibilities of what can be done with CanSat NeXT.

Finally, if you are anything like me, you probably came to this page looking for the pinout. More information about that in Pinout, but here is a quick reference:

CanSat NeXT board pinout


This library and the CanSat NeXT board are developed by Samuli Nyman, in collaboration with ESERO Finland and Arctic Astronautics Oy. The development is also supported by the Finnish Physical Society. This software library is licensed under the MIT license.


If you wish to contribute to the library or if you have feedback, please contact me through or start a GitHub issue. You are also welcome to create a pull request.