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Getting Started with CanSat NeXT

Welcome to CanSat NeXT!

CanSat NeXT is a new variant of the CanSat kit, which integrates the necessary features needed for a successful CanSat launch directly on one board, enabling you to get started immediately with software development and your own missions. However, CanSat NeXT doesn't forget your secondary mission, as you can connect any sensors or external devices to the extension headers. You can think of CanSat NeXT like an Arduino, just with sensors and other features already included straight out of the box.

Your Kit

If you don't yet have a CanSat NeXT kit, you can get one from our webshop: Alternatively, schools participating in CanSat competitions and programs are usually eligible to get kits through ESERO network.

CanSat kit contents

The kit includes one CanSat board, which is what you will mostly be working with. Additionally, there is another board, which will be used as the groundstation radio - you will use that to relay messages between a computer and the CanSat.

While CanSat NeXT already has a thermometer on board, the kit also includes a thermistor, which can be soldered to the board to measure temperature outside the board itself.

Finally, the kit includes two radio cables, which can be used to build basic antennas to enable communication up to a kilometer away. Only one cable is needed, but it is nice to have a backup. The heat-shrink tubing is included to add weather protection for the antennas. For instructions on how to build the antenna, refer to article Communication and Antennas.


This page includes a growing number of simple lessons to get you smoothly started with your CanSat NeXT kit. The first lesson is about setting up your computer to start CanSat programming, and the following lessons present various hardware features of CanSat NeXT. Additionally, we have a blog for showcasing various projects done with CanSat NeXT, which might be interesting when planning your own CanSat mission.

Click here for the first lesson!.